Just got a new 5th wheel and when I went to test brakes ontrailer nothing happened. After about an hour looking up same issueI found that the 05s had the same issues. Brakes only work above10mph. As dumb as that sounds I tested it exiting an off ramp andthey did in fact work. So I read if I buy a new brake controllerits plug and play. I did so and trailer brakes worked at a stop!But now when I disconnect the trailer I get tbc fault on the dash.Seems to only come on when I first start the truck but it's veryannoying. I also read that it might or might not effect otherelectronics on the truck? So I'm trying to figure out what I shoulddo....keep the original tbc in that only works above 10mph andgives me no tbc fault on dash or put the newer one in that works at0mph but then gives me tbc fault when not hooked up. Any thoughtssuggestions would be great! Thanks!

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