Hey guys!
This is my first time posting anything on this sub, but here itgoes. As the title says, I'm in need of some minor (possibly major)assistance. I own a 2007 V6 mustang named Obsidian (Sid for short)and I am currently having issues. I have needed tires for a littlewhile now and, due to unexpected expenses, I haven't been able topurchase any new ones. The lack of traction wasn't that bad untilrecently after an unavoidable storm became my 4th experiencehydroplaning off the road. Luckily, the damage was nothing morethan some minor wolverine-like scratches near my back right tire.After that experience. however, the car has gotten significantlyharder to drive. If I drive over 65 mph for a short period of time,like, maybe, 20-30 mins, the steering wheel will start to shakehorrendously leaving my arm feeling like I just had a workout withone of those "as seen on TV" shake weights. Does anybody have anysuggestions on what I could do to either reduce this? Or maybe afew suggestions on tires that are relatively inexpensive? (cause,at this point, anything is better than the current tires.)
My tire size is: 255 /45 R18 99W
Obsidian (AKA Sid)

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