I recently purchased a 2011 Ford Edge Sport used that I'm makingpayments on. 99k miles. I had it at a Ford dealer for 2 WEEKS herein MI for a rotary knock/clank sound coming from the rear thatwould occur after driving for a few miles or so and mainly occurgoing under 40mph. Like I said, they had if for 2 weeks and "couldnot replicate the sound" so they said my car is "done". They didntcharge me anything, well becasuse they didnt do any repair. This isafter I went up there, rode with the tech in the shop andreplicated the noise. They just gave up. Also the knock/clank goesaway when I brake. ABS will also randomly engage on dry surfaces.This is all after like 2 other issues Ive had with it that werefixed. Anyone heard of this issue?

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