My partner has had a lot of issues with her ford sync 1.0 in the4 years she has had her fiesta ecoboost.
Usually it is the sync stops recognising her phone/any phone,and the way I would fix it would be to simply tske the sync fuseout, lock the car, open the car, put the fuse back, lock the car,unlock the car, start the engine and this normally fixes it (somekind of reset I presume)
Now there is a new problem - music being played from her phonevia SYNC plays - but is unskippable, she cannot make a call throughher car and she cannot answer the calls, and a number of otheroptions have just stopped working.
In the UK SYNC is bs, and we can't update the firmware (to ktknowledge), even FORD garages don't know how to fix it.
Is anyone aware of this problem which is persistent, and how onearth to fix it permanently?

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